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DeStorm Power

What’s up, World!

If you haven’t heard of DeStorm Power before today, you’ve been doing YouTube wrong for the past three years. With over 222 videos online, prolific doesn’t even begin to describe this triple-threat, who has collected over one million subscribers to you YouTube channel.

Wait. Singer, rapper, song writer, and producer. Make that quadruple threat.

DeStorm first came to my attention when he was did a series of videos called Soul Toons, where DeStorm covers popular cartoon and TV theme songs as a one man a cappella group.

Check out the entire series here. Over 8 videos, he manages to hit a lot of old favorites, and introduce me to some new ones.

He’s also done covers of popular songs in the same beat-box a cappella style. Hmm, I guess if you add beat-boxing, that would make him a quintuple threat.

But those are only the tip of the iceberg. Another big part of his YouTube Channel are the challenges, where his viewers challenge him to create a song or video with a certain style or theme. From rapping using the titles of movies and video games, to rapping whilst Skydiving. Yeah.

He’s also appeared in online sketches, like this one with Freddie Wong. Adding acting to the mix, this brings his threat multiplier up to… Sixtuple? Hextuple?

And last, but not least, are his original songs. For example, Finally Free featuring Talib Kwali.

This song is on his first mixtape, Be Careful, which came out May 1st. It’s available on iTunes and in physical and digital format here.

And if you haven’t already, subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

And don’t forget to follow him is also on Facebook and Twitter.


A-1 – After School Special

Released back in 2010 (making this post nostalgic in a meta kind of way) After School Special is a hip hop mixtape where each track is based off of a popular TV theme song from the 90’s. Sounds like a recipe for a cheap and gimmicky album, but instead the young rapper A-1, along with producers WooStaar and Sac Masta, deliver fun and flawless lyrics over incredible instrumentals that feel tailor made for all the 80’s babies out there.

For example.

All and all it’s a very fun album. The instrumentals range from The Price is Right to Reading Rainbow to Nickelodeon’s Doug. And although the occasional nod to the source material is heard in the lyrics, A-1’s goal isn’t to give you a rap rundown of your favorite shows. He delivers original and inspired rhymes over these instrumentals, attacking a range of topics from his quest to capture all his dreams on the track “Charizard”, to recounting an entertaining narrative and flexing his story telling skills on the track “Golden Girls.”

With a runtime of around a half an hour, After School Special is one 30 minute long nostalgia-gasm for anyone who enjoys hip-hop and grew up in the 90’s.

Listen to the whole album free at A-1’s YouTube page here. Or download it for $7 here.


Mass Effect 3: The Ending Is Just The Beginning

So, I finally finished Mass Effect 3 this past weekend. And yes, I was disappointed with the ending, as are tens of thousands of other Mass Effect fans. We get it. Bad ending is bad. But let’s not pretend like the ending was the only problem this game had.

Warning. Spoilers.
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Commander Sheppard “rapping” about his favorite crew, punching Reapers, and how much he hates Jacob. There is so much about this video I don’t understand, but the most confusing part is the fact that it doesn’t have a million views on YouTube yet.

I don’t even know if this qualifies as a song, but I know it is hilarious and is a must watch/listen for fans of Mass Effect.


Subjects Subject To Change Episode 3

Welcome to the third exciting installment of Subjects Subject To Change, where @HIGHlyCRITICal and @DrunkKnurd dance with various pop culture subjects in the pale moonlight.

In this episode we talk a lot about everyone’s favorite violent vigilante slash billionaire playboy, Batman.
We discuss Year One, Arkham City, the Burton/Schumacher films, and of course we mention the Nolan films.

We also dig into Twilight a bit, because, why not? Then in Twitter Chat, HIGHlyCRITICal explains why he loves Apple but hates Apple Sheep. Think Different, indeed.

OC ReMix – Maverick Rising

The talented artists at have put together over 4 hours of rearranged music from the Mega Man X series of games. For free. Check out Maverick Rising.

Mega Man X was one of those SNES games that I could play forever. But when I wasn’t collecting upgrades, hunting Robot Masters Mavericks, or riding mine cars, I was just idling on the stages listening to the music.

Listening to this album takes me back to when Blockbuster was still big, Capcom was still cool, and you had to blow on your games to get them to work. Track 4 on Disc 4, Ten Minutes of Hypothermia, feels like they recorded and ReMixed an afternoon at my house in 1994.

As I mentioned before, OC ReMix isn’t about just taking video game music, adding some drums and bass beats and calling it a remix. Each track is a familiar tune, rearranged into something fresh and original. In a range of musical styles as extensive as X’s arsenal. This 4-Disc album is fully charged blast from the past, any fan of Mega Man X should download here and listen for themselves.


Adam WarRock ME3:EP and Kabuto the Python The N7 EP

Happy Mass Effect 3 Day, Knurds. Ready to finish the fight?
And unlike some other space marines, when Commander Sheppard finishes a fight, it will stay finished.

To get you in the mood to defeat the Reapers and take back Earth, here are two free mixtapes of Mass Effect inspired music.

First is Adam WarRock’s Mass Effect 3 EP. Download all 5 tracks here.

Adam WarRock is becoming one of my favorite nerdcore rappers. His latest album, You Dare Call That Thing Human?!?, is a must-listen for fans of comic books and hip hop. I’ve been enjoying his free mixtapes, but his work on this album is in a different league. Check it out here.

Next is The N7 EP by Kabuto the Python and BC, available here.

With more original instrumentals than WarRock’s EP, this mixtape is filled with Mass Effect samples and sounds more like a mainstream album with it’s catchy beats and simple lyrics. But instead of yakking about Racks on Racks on Racks, Kabuto is rapping about the Collector’s abducting the crew of the Normandy or rhyming about his love for our favorite Quarian, Tali’Zorah.

The N7 EP also comes with some instrumentals, so you and your squad can assume direct control and spit a few freestyles of your own while you’re racing around the galaxy, shooting Husks in the face.


Da Chip – Daft Punk

What would it sound like if Daft Punk composed the soundtrack for Space Paranoids? It might sound like a lame excuse for me to talk about Da Chip, a collection of chiptuned Daft Punk cover songs.

Da Chip Volume I and II are two albums that reproduce the futuristic funk of Daft Punk with old school 16-bit sound chips.

And it’s awesome. Listen for yourself.

Download both albums from Da Chip’s site here.


Random (aka Mega Ran) – Splash Woman

Happy Valentine’s Day, Knurds.

My gift to you is a love song about the classic story of robotic boy meets mechanical mermaid. And then they fight to the death. It’s a tale as old as time.

Random, a.k.a. Mega Ran, is a Philly born and Phoenix based rapper known for his combination of video game influenced beats and creative rhymes. In a world filled with hip-hop stereotypes and gimmicks, Random’s style is a refreshing breath of realism. Despite rapping about fighting robots.

Another of his songs, the Jeremy Lin rap, has been receiving a lot of attention in the last few weeks and has been featured on ESPN, NBC Sports, The Harvard Crimson, and a ton of other places. Listen to that here.

And don’t forget to get to order your tickets for his upcoming tour here.