I heard somewhere that A Cappella is Italian for "empty orchestra." I think that's hauntingly beautiful. Actually, A Cappella means "in the style of the church" and it is one of the most entertaining genres of music. Singing a song A Cappella just means singing a song without instrumental accompaniment, but often the back up vocalists fill in for the missing instrumental by creating the melody and rhythm vocally. Can be very impressive, if done correctly. I was first introduced to this style of singing through "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?" where the A Cappella group Rockapella (see what they did there?) blew my tiny mind every time they sung the show's eponymous theme song. One. Two. Three. HWUAAH! They've aged pretty well, I think. Anyhoo, now that I have the Internet, I don't need to watch geography-based games shows on public television for my A Cappella fix. Let's binge. Here's the Pokémon theme. And here's a Medley of Disney hits. And last, but not least, is the theme from Star Wars. Cheers, JD