Welcome to ShotGlassesComic.com, home of the Shot Glasses webcomic. Our webcomic can be summed up with one equation.

Dweebs + Drinks = Shot Glasses

Shot Glasses, a fictional bar in midtown Manhattan, is a utopia for nerds over 21. A tavern where we can have a drink and play, read, watch or discuss  their favorite games, comics, anime, movies, or anything amongst our own. We’ve got arcade cabinets, old school and new. We’ve got consoles, current gen and prior. We’ve got books, comics, manga, and magazines. We’ve got Wi-Fi. And, most importantly, we’ve got alcohol.

Please excuse the mess while we get everything in order for our launch on June 11th. Why June 11th? What better day to launch than Kamehameha Day!

See you all very soon.



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