Would Be To Court Death

With Captain America that makes six, We’re ready to assemble!: The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes


Was Avengers everything you hoped for? Did this scene make your heart a flutter? I’m going to watch again just cause. Ok, enough gushing, After Credit ├é┬áScenes.

Avengers had two scenes just to make sure you left knowing this was no ordinary Marvel movie. The first scene with Thanos and his minion where the minion says “To challenge them is to court death.” and Thanos smiled…Oh nerdgasm.

The second scene was a nice little callback to getting shawarma. It was funny. Kinda a dick to make them open and serve them after half the city was destroyed, but they did just save the day so they get a pass.


After this, spoilers if you haven’t seen the Phase 2 movies


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