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Binge Linking: Cosplay

Trick or Treat, Knurds.

In the spirit of the holiday, this edition of Binge Linking is a collection of some of the best cosplay I’ve seen in recent months. Cheers!

  • Batman costumes have come a long way since the child suffocating plastic mask with the rubber band in the back.
  • The live-action reboot of Fern Gully looks good. Tim Curry and Robin Williams are rumored to reprise their iconic roles. No word yet if Samuel L. Jackson will make an after-the-credits cameo.
  • Finally, Legend of Zelda: Twlight Princess in HD. Thanks for nothing, Nintendo.
  • Behold, the glory of the true Doctor Doom. I don’t know who that jerk in the Fantastic Four movies was. Probably a Doombot.
  • It’s hard to Miss a Marvelous costume like this. Get it?
  • This 8-Bit Samus cosplay is made of win. And, uh, cardboard.
  • What’s Wolverine’s favorite desert? A Banana Snikt!

And here’s a pair of galleries of NYCC cosplayers, taken by professional photographers.

Thanks to Fashionably Geek, SoGeekChic, and ComicAlliance for a lot of these links.

Happy Halloween,

Red Hot Cosplay

A wild Charizard appeared.
Fight? Pokémon? Item? Run?

I would be excited about Pokémon Black and White coming out soon, but I’m still on the fence about SoulSilver. I guess we’ll see how it does when it comes out.

Look out! It’s a cameo from one of our top commentators, Royal. Good to see you, buddy!
Check out some of Royal’s work at his Royal Entertainment page on Facebook.

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Last, but not least, the site looks different. You can expect more changes as we’re getting ready to attend New York Comic Con and Big Apple Comic Con.

Put Your Movie Where Your Mouth Is

Rob’s just trying to get out of his end of the bet. He doesn’t really think it was a good movie. No one does.

“The laws of chance suggest that something should have gone right. Not here.”
-Roger Ebert

The Last Airbender is so bad, it borders on vindictive. I honestly believe that Avatar: The Last Airbender angered M. Night somehow (maybe one of his kids said it was better than Lady in the Water?) and he made this movie solely to get his revenge by maliciously ripping all of the humor and character and suspense and tension and romance and drama and epic action out of the franchise, leaving it a soulless shell of its former self. In 3D.

At least, I hope that’s the reason behind this. I’d hate to think something like this was created with good intentions.