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Tunesday: History Repeating: Red

The most highly anticipated Mega Man 3 inspired concept album of the year has arrived and it is impressive.

History Repeating: Red is the second of a two part album adapting the story and music of Mega Man 3 into a collection of rock anthems. Continuing where History Repeating: Blue left off, this installment explores the brand new perspectives of four more Robot Masters, Gamma, and Break Man, as well as continuing explore the Blue Bomber’s story arc.

More than being excellent musicians, The Megas are also great storytellers. I haven’t cared this much about soulless machines since I watched Wall-E, Iron Giant, and Short Circuit 2 back to back to back. Each bot has such strong emotions driving their actions.

Gemini Man is so paranoid that someone is out to kill him that he hires his double as a private investigator to watch his back. Needle Man hates himself because his design won’t allow him to get close to anyone without hurting them, to the point where is may do something rash. Shadow Man is terrified and helpless as he loses his original personality and all he once was to Dr. Wily’s reprogramming. And Break Proto Man’s songs are heartbreaking. Envy. Rage. Relief. Peace. So many feels!

History Repeating: Red is a thoroughly satisfying conclusion to the journey we began with History Repeating: Blue. At only $10, this album is well worth every zenny. It’s available on Bandcamp and on The Megas official site.