Shot Glasses is a webcomic/blog that is two parts pop culture (video games, movies, comic books, anime, etc.), one part alcohol, one part comedy, with a splash of sarcasm. Shake, don’t stir. Best served cold. Garnish with a fire flower or power pellet or chaos emerald. Restores 50 HP. Cheers!

About The Comic

Three unemployed nerds pool together their resources to make their dream job a reality: running a bar for nerds in midtown Manhattan.

About The Blog

Binge Linking: The best links of the week, all in one place, for your enjoyment. Indulge.
Tunesday: Beautiful music, usually nerdcore, chiptune, remixes, cool stuff like that.
Rambling: We have opinions.
Loaded Reviews: We don’t always do reviews, but when we do you probably haven’t heard of the thing we’re reviewing.


Shotcast: Team Shot Glasses and their drinking buddies assemble to discuss the pressing matters of our times.
Subjects Subject to Change: DrunkKnurd and HighlyCritical relax and talk about stuff. Warning: Sometimes they get off topic.

About Team Shot Glasses

Jonathan David is the head writer and webmeister. He also writes sketch comedy and performs improv in NYC. The commander and the leader.

Kassim Douglas is the head artist. He is an aspiring animator and more if his art can be found at http://TheKad.deviantART.com. He is the joy and the laughter.

Chris Roberts is the head producer. He is cool, but rude. He is the toughest fighter.

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