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Subjects Subject To Change Episode 3

Welcome to the third exciting installment of Subjects Subject To Change, where @HIGHlyCRITICal and @DrunkKnurd dance with various pop culture subjects in the pale moonlight.

In this episode we talk a lot about everyone’s favorite violent vigilante slash billionaire playboy, Batman.
We discuss Year One, Arkham City, the Burton/Schumacher films, and of course we mention the Nolan films.

We also dig into Twilight a bit, because, why not? Then in Twitter Chat, HIGHlyCRITICal explains why he loves Apple but hates Apple Sheep. Think Different, indeed.

Subjects Subject To Change S01E02

Welcome to the second episode of Subjects Subject To Change, where @HIGHlyCRITICal and @DrunkKnurd discuss, dissect, and disrespect various pop culture subjects.

We get into the Grand Theft Auto series, Fables the TV Series, the best Disney Villains, and the badassness of Neville Longbottom and Alan Rickman in the Harry Potter series.

Two things. First, our apologies for the delay. This episode was recorded ages ago, but the information in it is as entertaining and relevant today as it was when we recorded it.

Second, my apologies for the sound quality of my microphone. I’ve since upgraded my microphone and later episodes have been recorded in luxurious high quality sound.

Play Along At Home: Have a drink each time we laugh with delight about something violent, dark, or “fucked up.”

Subjects Subject To Change S01E01

This is the first episode of Subjects Subject To Change, where @HIGHlyCRITICal and @DrunkKnurd review, judge, muse, mock, skewer, and wax intellectual about various pop culture subjects.

In this episode we discuss the Paranormal Activity trilogy, the Walking Dead franchise, and when to play the dead grandmother card.

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