Comic Con Carne

Anyone excited about the Comic Conventions coming up in October?

Team Shot Glasses apologizes for not having a brand new comic this Monday. We’ve been exceptionally busy working on some exclusive material to hand out at Big Apple Comic Con and New York Comic Con. We will be attending both conventions as fans and handing out some free Shot Glasses swag. After the convention, expect to find us at Dave and Buster’s, conducting further “research” for the comic.

Speaking of which, we have some big things coming up soon for the comic, starting next Monday.

In the meanwhile, here are two random (but amazing) links:

The first is an interactive YouTube video featuring The Dark Knight’s Batman and Joker in a breakdancing battle. Enjoy.

The second is so beautiful that it must been seen to be believed. Check it out here.
Even if it means gutting one of my precious VMUs, after the Comic Conventions are over I need one of those.


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