Adam WarRock ME3:EP and Kabuto the Python The N7 EP

Happy Mass Effect 3 Day, Knurds. Ready to finish the fight?
And unlike some other space marines, when Commander Sheppard finishes a fight, it will stay finished.

To get you in the mood to defeat the Reapers and take back Earth, here are two free mixtapes of Mass Effect inspired music.

First is Adam WarRock’s Mass Effect 3 EP. Download all 5 tracks here.

Adam WarRock is becoming one of my favorite nerdcore rappers. His latest album, You Dare Call That Thing Human?!?, is a must-listen for fans of comic books and hip hop. I’ve been enjoying his free mixtapes, but his work on this album is in a different league. Check it out here.

Next is The N7 EP by Kabuto the Python and BC, available here.

With more original instrumentals than WarRock’s EP, this mixtape is filled with Mass Effect samples and sounds more like a mainstream album with it’s catchy beats and simple lyrics. But instead of yakking about Racks on Racks on Racks, Kabuto is rapping about the Collector’s abducting the crew of the Normandy or rhyming about his love for our favorite Quarian, Tali’Zorah.

The N7 EP also comes with some instrumentals, so you and your squad can assume direct control and spit a few freestyles of your own while you’re racing around the galaxy, shooting Husks in the face.


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