BOOSday: We’re Alive Podcast

BOOSday: We’re Alive

Trick or Treat! In honor of Halloween, I’m playing a trick on you for this Tunesday and posting it on a Thursday. How GHOULISH!

Also this Tunesday isn’t even a song or album. It’s a podcast! FIENDISH!

We’re Alive is an audio drama about a group of survivors during a zombie outbreak in Southern California. It’s like one of your parents’ old-timey radio shows about who knew what evil lurked in the hearts of men, only with better voice acting, sound effects, and an incredible score. This podcast is dripping with atmosphere and can juggle action, drama, romance, and (of course) horror.

We’ve all seen a lot of zombie fiction in the last decade, but this has some of the best writing I’ve seen (erm, heard) in a while. All of the characters are endearing and interesting. Even the zombies have some fascinating surprises in store for you. OMINOUS!

Listen to it on iTunes here, if that’s your thing, or download the files from their website here. Listener beware, you’re in for a scare.


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