Tunesday: 2014 Pop Mashups

Happy New Year, knurds!

The jukebox at the local bar only plays Sweet Caroline and Bohemian Rhapsody, and when I get home I just listen to the Attack the Block soundtrack on loop, so I don’t get to hear a lot of pop music these days.

After January 1st, I like to catch up on all of last year’s best songs. Luckily for me instead of binging on 52 weeks worth of Top 40 hits, all of the toe-tapping tunes I missed have been mashed up into a single megamix. Several single megamixes, actually. The future is now.

I’ve been Danticipating this mix all year!

Yeerks are terrible people, but great DJs.

2014 was the year of letting go.

Which one was your favorite?


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