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Binge Linking: Nope, I didn’t

Bad luck with titles…


Not Mary Kay and Johnny

Look out, Look out…

Its ok guys, I got this

You’re blind but see more cliche in the trailer…ugh

Supes going for the classic Conner Kent look

New 52 is dead long live 52

Return of Jafar straight to video, but this gets a theater release…

Don’t stop me now I’m having such a good time

But seriously guys can I be serious for a second

BL: Scarlet tinted glasses

You know what would be crazy, If in his first Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance/battle we see Spider-man fighting a scientist(A tiny battle to show him off before meeting up with the other heroes) then we see the Peter we know and love. Then in the Sony Spider-man movie we see Peter just finishing dyeing his hair or someone off-handedly mention that he looked better as a blonde. The general public wouldn’t know, but we would…

Also how do you get a tattoo when you have nigh-invulnerable skin? Do tattoo guns even work underwater? Arthur probably got it on land, but my first point still stands…

May use a Bow and Arrow but I gotta show off the guns

DC runs when a good comic company goes to war

Hope we see plans for Ragnarok 


BL: 2016 The Search for Spock

RIP Mr. Leonard Nimoy.

You lived long and prospered. You were a source of entertainment and inspiration to a generation of burgeoning scientists, astronomers, writers, actors, and the leader of the free world. You will be missed dearly.

You are now and always will be


StarFox, 69 I see what you did there…

Haxxor! Wait, I think that might already be a Pokémon

Spoiler, Donald dies first…

Super Fighting Hedgehog, Sonic Man!

Final Fi…

A Hexra?


Bring me washed up actors with nothing better to do(NSFW)

Life is like a hurricane

BL: Revival of C

Dragonball Xenoverse came out the other day. Seems good but a little nitpick. Couldn’t they give a name to Frieza’s race. Don’t want to just run around as a Frieza…

Quick question: When Ox King dies does that make Gohan the new king of flame mountain? (Would say Goku but he probably think coronation was a type of food)and with Videl being the daughter of Mr. Satan that would make Pan a princess and the most popular, richest, human on earth. Pan=Best Girl

Trunks needs to harness something  

a brief tease

We are VR

A little pricey Snake…Snake?…SNAKE!

Calling it, Fish is the arkham Knight

Happy Birthday!

Crazy Eyes will remember

Dangerous to go alone…

Earthbound 3