Rage Quitters Never Prosper Act 1: Outta Reach

We’re back! Sorry for the hiatus. We’re back and kicking off Rage Quitters Never Prosper, our first story arc. If you don’t count the Last Airbender Movie arc. And the Zombie Batman arc. So it’s our first officially recognized arc.

This is old news, Bungie is serious about eliminating rage quitters. And we’ll find out how serious they are about it in the next comic.

3 thoughts on “Rage Quitters Never Prosper Act 1: Outta Reach

  1. greenl3unny

    I gotta say, having never been too thrilled playing Halo multiplayer due to angry prepubescent boys cussing me out, that Bungie’s recent crackdown is a nice touch. People seem a wee bit more civil, too.


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