Rage Quitters Never Prosper Act 4: For Reach His Own

Can’t really make a fair judgment off of these tiny scraps of footage, but it’s not looking good…

Now this is a trailer I can get excited about.

Oh yeah, and the whole sniper thing. OH NOES!


3 thoughts on “Rage Quitters Never Prosper Act 4: For Reach His Own

  1. Royal Entertainment

    i enjoyed this issue a lot. it had great flow and moved at a great pace. I really liked the coloring too. the characters really stand out nicely from the background. And as always its well written. I love how you always throw a song in there for me to jam to. gotta love Utada Hikaru 😀 You two make a great team 🙂

  2. Abe

    Good stuff, I like the direction it is all going. You guys seem to be hitting your stride and really getting in a rythm. With that said on a side note, The Green Lantern preview is trash.

  3. Kunnaki

    Gen singing Utada Hikaru is okay, since she’s a girl. But this guy has no right singing; especially since he’s about to kill one of the main characters.


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