6 thoughts on “Rage Quitters Never Prosper Act 6: Security Breach

  1. Royal Entertainment

    lol good issue 🙂 Nice easy flow, comedy, art and as always it’s simple and clean 😉
    – no mo on the wink that was for the song lol 😀

  2. Royal Entertainment

    i was thinking about it and im so happy you guys are doing this web comic together because one the fact that you two are working together is a great combo!!! Two, that you guys are doing something you guys love and are having fun with it is great! idk really have a three but im just happy and proud of you guys as my friends. the series is coming together very nicely and hope it continues for a long time 🙂

    Im saying all this cause… im dying and wanted you to know how i feel lol :}

    1. Jnonymous Post author

      You can’t die yet, Royal. I’m the only one who is allowed to destroy you.
      I mean, because we haven’t done a comic together yet…
      So, stop it. Stop dying.


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