The Least Airbender

To Be Continued…

I’d like to think that the questionable casting and the director’s ignorance regarding the source material will not effect the outcome of this movie. I hope that the strength of the original work will shine through no matter what. I doubt it will be as good as the cartoon, but it can still great in its own way.

I’m looking forward to seeing who is right. Stay tuned for the results.

2 thoughts on “The Least Airbender

  1. Royal Entertainment

    I didn’t know where to comment about this lastest issue but i had me rollin the whole time. My fav issue so far 😀

  2. Disloyal Subject

    Well, my circle of friends make redundant explanations like this all the time, albeit not always accurate. Some aren’t fully functional, but most of us are just paranoid genre-savvy trolls. It’s fun to see how folks react when they learn how much of what they’ve accepted at face value was all bullshit collaboratively ad-libbed on the spot for the whimsy of their deceivers – especially since it singles out eavesdroppers.


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