Welcome to Mass Effect 3, where the ending is made up and the points don't matter. That's right, the points are like Mass Effect 2's Suicide Mission. Finally, the Extended Cut DLC has arrived! If you thought the first ending was incomplete, this one manages to be even incompletier! Actually, I haven't touched it yet, but based on Bioware's podcast and reactions online it seems they missed the crux of our complaints. Maybe it's time to just drop the shovel, guys. More importantly, the second part of Critical Mass has arrived. Unlike BioWare, we addressed your criticisms and concerns. As a result, this episode is completely uncensored. Warning, this podcast is rated M for explicit language, sexual content, and "Yo Momma" jokes. Also, here are some links to the videos we referenced in Part I and II. Indoctrination Theory Angry Joe's Review If you missed Critical Mass Part I, click there. Part III coming soon. Cheers, JD