Tunesday – Infinite Jukebox & Cartoon Network Groovies

I missed last Tunesday because I was too busy playing with Infinite Jukebox. Now your favorite song never has to end.

Put in the tune of your choice, Infinite Jukebox finds different paths to follow through the song to keep it looping without it simply repeating. Sometimes the results are crazy, sometimes they’re scary, sometimes they’re scrazy.

You can pick some of the many songs that others have uploaded or upload one yourself.

Here are a few good ones I found:
Hanging on the edge of tomorrow, forever.

GLaDOS will never die.

Walking around in circles, walking around in circles…

And speaking of walking around in circles, last weeks Tunesday was going to be the Cartoon Network Groovies.

Back before it jumped the Jabberjaw, Cartoon Network had the best commercials. One example of that was their series of Groovies, songs made by surprisingly prominent artists, like They Might Be Giants and, even Sugar Ray and Coolio.

Here’s a playlist of a few of my favorites.

Cartoon, Cartoon!

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