Tunesday: Power Rangers

Power Rangers
Uh oh. We’re in trouble. The Legendary Battle is over. There’s no new updates about the reboot movie. And Power Morphicon 5 is still six months away. How are we going to get our Power Ranger fix while we wait for the Dino Charge premier?


Ron Wasserman, the musical mastermind behind Saturday morning hits like the X-Men Animated Series theme, Dragon Ball Z’s Rock the Dragon (maybe?), and the first few Power Ranger themes (Mighty Morphin’ through In Space) and scores.

Two years ago he re-released some of his favorite (and mine!) tracks from the early seasons of Power Rangers, applying some of the tricks he picked up during his 24 years of composing TV tunes. In his words, “The original recordings were done quickly to keep up with the production schedule. I wanted to use today’s technology, and my additional 20+ years of experience as a producer, to ‘punch up’ the performances and energy to match todays sound.”

Power Rangers Redux sounds less like a garage band and more like GarageBandâ„¢. I usually like free music, but 7 bucks for a 40+ minute nostalgia trip is worth it.

How about a little more Morphinominal music from the 90’s? Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers for SNES was filled with fun bosses, weirdly muscular female rangers, and rocking music.

Okay, enough old school. Let’s get turnt up, or whatever it is teenagers with attitude are saying these days.
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And one more. For Tommy!

Remember, never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you.

May the power protect you,

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