Tunesday: Sonic and Hip Hop

Sonic the Hedgehog and Hip Hop is a perfect fit. And it’s not just because of his fixation on cool sneakers and gold rings.

Everyone knows that Sonic can really move, but most people forget that he also has an attitude. After all, he was the original bad boy (can’t stop, won’t stop, eh-eh!) of video game mascots. He had a swagger to him that Mario just could never match. Sure, it seems like Mario threw more parties, but that’s only because you weren’t cool enough to be invited to one of Sonic’s.

For this Tunesday, I picked three OverClocked Re-Mixes that combine Sonic and Hip Hop into a rhythmic Resse’s Peanut Butter Cup of awesomeness. So check out these great songs:

One of the coolest tracks from Sonic 3, turned into an ice cold instrumental for Just Us to lay down some below-zero auto-biographical lyrics. Brr!

One of my favorite tracks from Sonic Adventure, Unknown from M.E. Re-Mixed with some fun surprises, especially as Jose pummels the last verse with rhymes and references.

I loved OverClocked Assembled’s work on the APEX 2014 album and this track gives Sonic CD the same all-star treatment.

Never forget that Sonic was once voiced by hip-hop icon Jaleel White. Where was Urkel when they made, Shadow the Hedgehog? Am I right?

All the previous tracks are available to download for free from OCRemix, here, here, and here.


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