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Tunesday – Eminem Zelda Rap Mix

This song isn’t exactly “nerdcore,” but I’ve been on an Eminem binge since Sunday so just run with it.

The true title of this song is “Hellbound,” and the rappers you are hearing are Eminem, Masta Ace, and J-Black. I’d be surprised if you’ve heard of those last two. This song is from the album “Game Over” by Yosumi Records. I’d be surprised if you’ve heard of those last two too.

I discovered this song back into the P2P file sharing days when I was downloading all of the Zelda music I could find. The song was entitled “Eminem Zelda Mix”, three things relevant to my interests, so I downloaded it. The beat is actually a sample from SoulCalibur , “Sacrifice” by Junichi Nakatsuru. I discovered it the same night I discovered the trailer for SoulCalibur II, so imagine my excitement.

This is my favorite mainstream-ish songs with nerdy influences, followed closely by Cocoa Brovas “Super Brooklyn” and Li’l Flip’s “Game Over.” Not to be confused with Yosumi Records’ “Game Over.”

It also turns out that Eminem might be a bit of a closet nerd. The beginning of the song Rap God is sampled from a Captain America and Falcon comic and Marshall goes on to name drop Krypton and Asgard in the lyrics. Combine that with the numerous instances of superhero Cosplay and I think we have a fanboy.