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OC ReMix – Maverick Rising

The talented artists at OCReMix.org have put together over 4 hours of rearranged music from the Mega Man X series of games. For free. Check out Maverick Rising.

Mega Man X was one of those SNES games that I could play forever. But when I wasn’t collecting upgrades, hunting Robot Masters Mavericks, or riding mine cars, I was just idling on the stages listening to the music.

Listening to this album takes me back to when Blockbuster was still big, Capcom was still cool, and you had to blow on your games to get them to work. Track 4 on Disc 4, Ten Minutes of Hypothermia, feels like they recorded and ReMixed an afternoon at my house in 1994.

As I mentioned before, OC ReMix isn’t about just taking video game music, adding some drums and bass beats and calling it a remix. Each track is a familiar tune, rearranged into something fresh and original. In a range of musical styles as extensive as X’s arsenal. This 4-Disc album is fully charged blast from the past, any fan of Mega Man X should download here and listen for themselves.