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Interview with Norman Paul Edwards Jr. of Fighting in the Streets

We’ve all played a few classic Sega Genesis and SNES games in our time, right? Have you ever been moving along in the stage and suddenly you notice that you’ve been bobbing your head to the background music? Ever find that tune stuck in your head for hours after you’ve turned off the console?
Imagine a group of musicians that take that same song, infuse it with modern dance grooves, and perform it live for your enjoyment.

That is Fighting in the Streets.

Fighting in the Streets is the classic video game music and TV theme cover band that breathes new life into the nostalgic tunes you know and love. Take it from me, watching them perform life is incredible and if you live in the NYC area, you should check them out as soon as possible. Nothing like seeing a room full of people dancing to Sonic the Hedgehog music to make you swell with nerd pride.

The MC of Fighting in the Streets and recreational drum murderer, Norman Paul Edwards Jr., was kind enough to answer a few of my questions last time I saw him.
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