Binge Linking: Knock Back a Few

Korra new season starts Oct 3, and Log Horizon second season is Oct 4. I’m excited!

Now that the new season of Korra is coming, I feel I can talk about a little thing that bother me (JD will have more things) last season.

They kept bringing in subplots and not resolving them. Plants covering the city, forget about it. Earth queen mistreating her citizens, eh she’s dead now so I guess everything is okay. Why bring it up if you weren’t going to do anything about it. Just a little nitpick.

I feel like shooting things. Tomorrow, Saturday afternoon I think I’m going to play some ME3 multiplayer and/or Borderlands 2, both on the xbox. Who’s with me? Edit: [Got caught up in somethings, didn’t get to play anything]

Friday linking will be different. It will be one continuous update all weekend(mostly just friday and saturday), So here are the first links of your Weekend Upd…I don’t think we can use that name.

Why is that place right behind an opera house?

Someone get me an 3DS!

Season 4 trailer So I guess my little nit will be addressed the season…

Chicks dig giant robots!


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