BL: Reign On Me

There’s a Spider-man story called Reign where Peter Parker. as an old man, has retired from crime fighting. For one reason or another he comes out of retirement a la Dark Knight Returns. Whatever the story is ok. Within Reign at some point Peter and Mary Jane get married. Then MJ gets cancer and dies. Peter feels bad about this because his, uh…bodily fluids are the cause of the cancer

My question is though: How come she didn’t gain superpowers? I’m just saying a little spider bite gave Peter his, and presumably Parker, uh…released more into his wife than that bite ever could.

She could’ve been the Amazing Parker-Woman! The proportional strength of perpetually 20-something year old man. The power not to be able to balance life and heroics, complain about it constantly, and ultimately make increasingly bad decisions about everything. I’d read that…


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