Enter The Void

This past Friday was the season finale of Book 3 of Legend of Korra. If you haven’t seen it or any of season 3, let me help you out there.

Those who’ve seen it, does Avatar know how to a Book 3 finale or what?!

No spoilers, but man that was beautiful end fight.

Korra is still, in my opinion, the worst avatar ever, but man do I feel bad for her. Her bromance with Asami evolved nicely though.

Who didn’t see that coming with Bolin? They were pushing to hard for one thing for it not to be another. Was I the only kinda hoping for an Opal x Eska fight over him…just me…ok.

Boring Mako is boring as is Awesome Jinora is awesome.

Hey, whatever happened to the plants overgrowing the city? I know you’re busy with trying not to die Avatar, but I would like to get into my house at some point.

If you want I could get spoilery in the comments, but for now that’s it. Watch that finale, Watch the entirety of season 3, Just don’t watch the first two seasons. They’re like the awkward transition period between Last Airbender and Legend of Korra.


Here’s a couple of links for ya, before I go…

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