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Enter The Void

This past Friday was the season finale of Book 3 of Legend of Korra. If you haven’t seen it or any of season 3, let me help you out there.

Those who’ve seen it, does Avatar know how to a Book 3 finale or what?!

No spoilers, but man that was beautiful end fight.

Korra is still, in my opinion, the worst avatar ever, but man do I feel bad for her. Her bromance with Asami evolved nicely though.

Who didn’t see that coming with Bolin? They were pushing to hard for one thing for it not to be another. Was I the only kinda hoping for an Opal x Eska fight over him…just me…ok.

Boring Mako is boring as is Awesome Jinora is awesome.

Hey, whatever happened to the plants overgrowing the city? I know you’re busy with trying not to die Avatar, but I would like to get into my house at some point.

If you want I could get spoilery in the comments, but for now that’s it. Watch that finale, Watch the entirety of season 3, Just don’t watch the first two seasons. They’re like the awkward transition period between Last Airbender and Legend of Korra.


Here’s a couple of links for ya, before I go…

It’s Disgusting

And…AND TWINS!: Guardians of the Galaxy


It is disgusting that we are back to one after-credit scene. The movie just came out so I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet. But c’mon you should’ve seen it already.

So instead you get a weird link.

Also tonight is the finale of Korra. Just going to say my girl Azula (still the best villain of the series) came the closest.

And Tomorrow some Doctor Who, turning out to be a good weekend.

Its Not Wise to Keep 2 Together

Now that Tony and Robert each have a half of bff necklaces, let’s move on: Thor: The Dark World


No After-Credit shot cuz computer messed up, so you get 2-in-1 today.

Back on track since after the Avengers we get two after credits scenes again.

The first one has a hidden gem in it that, if you know what to look for, it is worth a geeky squee. We see The Collector and the mention of the Infinity stones. Expanding the universe; That’s how you do an ac scene.

The second one is shows Thor returning to earth and a beast frolicking the streets of London. Nice meaningless scene after the Important one. Avengers did it, Thor does it, seems to work pretty well so let’s continue with Cap.


The collector’s collection is going to be incomplete: Captain America: The Winter Soldier


My google-fu is not a strong as I hoped, sorry for the blurry links.

Both the ac scenes are both Important Sequel bait, Cap 2 could you get any better?

I want to meet the twins. Is it weird, in a games of thrones kind of way, that they were married in Godzilla and now are playing brother and sister…

Bucky remembers. Wonder if they will give him the horrible U.S. Agent uniform…spoilers…

Well I Guess That’s Worth a Look

With that almost all the pieces are in place: Captain America


In case you don’t own a TV, have access to the Internet, or didn’t see any other movie except Captain America, Cap has you covered with a trailer for the Avengers.

How excited was everyone for Avengers? If you know anyone that didn’t like Avengers you have a moral obligation to kicked them in the nuts.

The After-Credit Scenes quick shot will return on Monday with…

The Avengers!

Journey Into Mystery

And then there was four or two(Maybe, I don’t know how this team works yet): Iron Man 2


Thor was the movie I was unsure about. Was I pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be better than expected, Verily.

With the Son of Coul finding the hammer, Let’s talk about Agent Coulson. I feel like he was suppose to be generic S.H.I.E.L.D. agent whose purpose was to connect the movies without having to shell out more money than they had to.

But then he became a fan favorite and now has a mediocre tv show.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D….after Captain America: Winter Soldier, but you have to admit it didn’t have the greatest of starts.

Such Nice Suits

So Nick Fury plans for an unknown unknown. Next Up: The Incredible Hulk.

So Tony Stark meets with Gen. Ross basically saying we’ll find and keep the hulk in check on this “team”. Now with Mark Ruffalo’s performance in Avengers, everybody wants a solo movie.  I say keep him to cameos and ensemble casts. I’m not saying Ruffalo can’t carry a movie, He’s a fine actor, but the hulk is better kept to being the monster in the dark.The explosive rage Banner keeps just underneath the surface, we don’t need a whole movie about how he doesn’t want to get mad. If you really need a hulk fix, They should make a She-Hulk movie. It would cover so many bases. You would have a strong female superhero movie and you would get your Mark Ruffalo cameo. And it could be a different kind of superhero movie w/ Jennifer also being a lawyer. Ooooh, I wonder if Jennifer Walters is going to cameo in the DareDevil netflix show.





R.I.P. Robin Williams

Just an Action Movie

I recently saw the new 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. I’m not going to do a review about it or anything like that. My love of turtles doesn’t allow me to fairly critique the “film”.

What I will comment on is some reaction I’m hearing from friends and acquaintances. It’s a stupid action movie or it’s a kids’ movie. Now I’m fine with stupid movies. Dumb action movies(good or bad) have their place, so if that’s how you want to justify your enjoyment of the TMNT movie, good on ya.

What I have a problem with is calling it just a “kid film”. Being a movie for children allows Hollywood to put schlock on the screen? Hasn’t ten years of award winning Pixar movies shown us anything? Did you not feel for Jessie in toy story 2? Kids’ movie is not an excuse for a movie being trash. Stop. With the sequel already announced, I don’t want to hear that excuse for TMNT 2.


That’s not what I came here to say. It is and It isn’t. I wanted to talk about marvel after credit scenes, but then I was distracted by some plebian. I am going to be doing…something…writing -wise about the After Credit Scenes all week. Starting off with the one that started us off, Iron Man.

So question, When Nick Fury comes to talk to Tony about the Avengers Initiative, who is he talking about? Thor hasn’t arrived on earth yet and Cap hadn’t been discovered. Was he expecting Iron Man(who he doesn’t even think is right for the team) to team two super spies and maybe a hulk? Let me know if you know what master spy Nick Fury was planning.

Mass Effect 3: The Ending Is Just The Beginning

So, I finally finished Mass Effect 3 this past weekend. And yes, I was disappointed with the ending, as are tens of thousands of other Mass Effect fans. We get it. Bad ending is bad. But let’s not pretend like the ending was the only problem this game had.

Warning. Spoilers.
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3 Days Until PAX East!

The granddaddy of them all! Or at least the creepy uncle.

Same as last year, I’ll make it my mission to locate beer, harrass cosplayers, and incite a civil war between PAX East and PAX Prime.

And same as last year, I’ll forget about those other objectives the moment I accomplish the first.

New podcast, articles, and maybe even a comic, coming very soon.

Happy Easter Everyone!