Just an Action Movie

I recently saw the new 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. I’m not going to do a review about it or anything like that. My love of turtles doesn’t allow me to fairly critique the “film”.

What I will comment on is some reaction I’m hearing from friends and acquaintances. It’s a stupid action movie or it’s a kids’ movie. Now I’m fine with stupid movies. Dumb action movies(good or bad) have their place, so if that’s how you want to justify your enjoyment of the TMNT movie, good on ya.

What I have a problem with is calling it just a “kid film”. Being a movie for children allows Hollywood to put schlock on the screen? Hasn’t ten years of award winning Pixar movies shown us anything? Did you not feel for Jessie in toy story 2? Kids’ movie is not an excuse for a movie being trash. Stop. With the sequel already announced, I don’t want to hear that excuse for TMNT 2.


That’s not what I came here to say. It is and It isn’t. I wanted to talk about marvel after credit scenes, but then I was distracted by some plebian. I am going to be doing…something…writing -wise about the After Credit Scenes all week. Starting off with the one that started us off, Iron Man.

So question, When Nick Fury comes to talk to Tony about the Avengers Initiative, who is he talking about? Thor hasn’t arrived on earth yet and Cap hadn’t been discovered. Was he expecting Iron Man(who he doesn’t even think is right for the team) to team two super spies and maybe a hulk? Let me know if you know what master spy Nick Fury was planning.

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