Such Nice Suits

So Nick Fury plans for an unknown unknown. Next Up: The Incredible Hulk.

So Tony Stark meets with Gen. Ross basically saying we’ll find and keep the hulk in check on this “team”. Now with Mark Ruffalo’s performance in Avengers, everybody wants a solo movie.  I say keep him to cameos and ensemble casts. I’m not saying Ruffalo can’t carry a movie, He’s a fine actor, but the hulk is better kept to being the monster in the dark.The explosive rage Banner keeps just underneath the surface, we don’t need a whole movie about how he doesn’t want to get mad. If you really need a hulk fix, They should make a She-Hulk movie. It would cover so many bases. You would have a strong female superhero movie and you would get your Mark Ruffalo cameo. And it could be a different kind of superhero movie w/ Jennifer also being a lawyer. Ooooh, I wonder if Jennifer Walters is going to cameo in the DareDevil netflix show.





R.I.P. Robin Williams

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