Its Not Wise to Keep 2 Together

Now that Tony and Robert each have a half of bff necklaces, let’s move on: Thor: The Dark World


No After-Credit shot cuz computer messed up, so you get 2-in-1 today.

Back on track since after the Avengers we get two after credits scenes again.

The first one has a hidden gem in it that, if you know what to look for, it is worth a geeky squee. We see The Collector and the mention of the Infinity stones. Expanding the universe; That’s how you do an ac scene.

The second one is shows Thor returning to earth and a beast frolicking the streets of London. Nice meaningless scene after the Important one. Avengers did it, Thor does it, seems to work pretty well so let’s continue with Cap.


The collector’s collection is going to be incomplete: Captain America: The Winter Soldier


My google-fu is not a strong as I hoped, sorry for the blurry links.

Both the ac scenes are both Important Sequel bait, Cap 2 could you get any better?

I want to meet the twins. Is it weird, in a games of thrones kind of way, that they were married in Godzilla and now are playing brother and sister…

Bucky remembers. Wonder if they will give him the horrible U.S. Agent uniform…spoilers…

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