DeStorm Power

What’s up, World!

If you haven’t heard of DeStorm Power before today, you’ve been doing YouTube wrong for the past three years. With over 222 videos online, prolific doesn’t even begin to describe this triple-threat, who has collected over one million subscribers to you YouTube channel.

Wait. Singer, rapper, song writer, and producer. Make that quadruple threat.

DeStorm first came to my attention when he was did a series of videos called Soul Toons, where DeStorm covers popular cartoon and TV theme songs as a one man a cappella group.

Check out the entire series here. Over 8 videos, he manages to hit a lot of old favorites, and introduce me to some new ones.

He’s also done covers of popular songs in the same beat-box a cappella style. Hmm, I guess if you add beat-boxing, that would make him a quintuple threat.

But those are only the tip of the iceberg. Another big part of his YouTube Channel are the challenges, where his viewers challenge him to create a song or video with a certain style or theme. From rapping using the titles of movies and video games, to rapping whilst Skydiving. Yeah.

He’s also appeared in online sketches, like this one with Freddie Wong. Adding acting to the mix, this brings his threat multiplier up to… Sixtuple? Hextuple?

And last, but not least, are his original songs. For example, Finally Free featuring Talib Kwali.

This song is on his first mixtape, Be Careful, which came out May 1st. It’s available on iTunes and in physical and digital format here.

And if you haven’t already, subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

And don’t forget to follow him is also on Facebook and Twitter.


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