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Tunesday: 2014 Pop Mashups

Happy New Year, knurds!

The jukebox at the local bar only plays Sweet Caroline and Bohemian Rhapsody, and when I get home I just listen to the Attack the Block soundtrack on loop, so I don’t get to hear a lot of pop music these days.

After January 1st, I like to catch up on all of last year’s best songs. Luckily for me instead of binging on 52 weeks worth of Top 40 hits, all of the toe-tapping tunes I missed have been mashed up into a single megamix. Several single megamixes, actually. The future is now.
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BL: Start This Year Off…

2014 is gone, The Holidays are over, and my brandy running low on eggnog I guess its time to get back to what I do best… Ramble nonsensically and provide links.

For those who are new or forgot, Mondays are Comic related links.

All these guys does whatever a spider can


Doesn’t mention Steve nailing her niece

Ms. Marvel

Batman is old

I hate the word and term “Blerd”

Spoilers: Agent Carter not as bad as S.H.I.E.L.D

How come nobody has been using Pym particles?

I hope the new reboot is called “Spectacular Spider-man” and the movie acts as a third season to the cartoon of the same name.


Before I go Read this webcomic and Happy New Year!

Tunesday – Merry Christmas

‘Tis the season for antiquated contractions.

Wishing all of the Shot Glasses knurds a happy, healthy holiday season. Team Shot Glasses is planning some big things for 2015, so sit tight and stay tuned.

Christmas Cheers,

BL: You Said The Magic Word!

Did someone say pizza? Pizza Hut rolled out a new menu. They have a new thing where they drizzle sauce on the pizza. There are flavors like sriracha and buffalo sauce. Maybe I’m just a fatass but how is there no ranch drizzle? Ranch is like the best dipping sauce for anything but especially for pizza….

What’s that? You never dipped bacon topped pizza in ranch? The only way that’s possible is if you are some genius baby that somehow has access to the internet but is not on solid food yet. Get off the internet baby!

Chaos in itself is random

Maybe they can add females with all this extra time


Return to Dead Island (warning-lengthy)

Sonic is Nathan Drake


Welcome to your life