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Winter Recess

Happy 2011 Readers,

Team Shot Glasses is starting the year off with a brief hiatus, so there won’t be any updates to the comic for the next three weeks while we do some work behind the scenes. We’ll keep you informed of the updates being made to the site and we’ll be back before you know it with brand new comics for your viewing pleasure.


Peace Conference

Our deepest apologies for the lack of a new comic this week. Team Shot Glasses was selected to attend the World Peace Conference in Switzerland. And even though it means leaving all our friends and family behind, we know it’s for the greater good. Hopefully we’ll be back soon. A Peace Conference shouldn’t last too long, right?

Actually, we’re just taking a short break to catch up on some outstanding work. We’ll be returning soon with a ton of brand new comics.

Until then, may the power protect you.


Henshin-a-gogo, baby!

As you’ve probably noticed by now, there have been a few changes to the site.

For now, we are just playing around with some new layouts and themes, trying things out. We aren’t sure what will stick and what won’t. If you have any comments on the new look, what works and what doesn’t, feel free to leave them below.

Comments are always appreciated.


Transformation Sequence

When I mentioned last Friday that there were going to be big changes to the site, starting Monday, perhaps I should’ve mentioned that these big changes will be very, very gradual.

We’ve got new information on the About page and a brand new Cast page for the comic. Also, some tweaks have been made to the style of the site.

Questions? Suggestions? Hit the Contact link in the menu bar or Comment down below.



Welcome to, home of the Shot Glasses webcomic. Our webcomic can be summed up with one equation.

Dweebs + Drinks = Shot Glasses

Shot Glasses, a fictional bar in midtown Manhattan, is a utopia for nerds over 21. A tavern where we can have a drink and play, read, watch or discuss  their favorite games, comics, anime, movies, or anything amongst our own. We’ve got arcade cabinets, old school and new. We’ve got consoles, current gen and prior. We’ve got books, comics, manga, and magazines. We’ve got Wi-Fi. And, most importantly, we’ve got alcohol.

Please excuse the mess while we get everything in order for our launch on June 11th. Why June 11th? What better day to launch than Kamehameha Day!

See you all very soon.