3 Details The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Nailed (That the Raimi Trilogy Failed)

This trailer makes me want to want to see this movie. If you haven’t seen the latest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man movie, here it is:

I was leery at first about Sony’s decision to reboot the Spider-Man film franchise barely a decade after it began. It felt rushed and greedy, but after Disney killed off the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, I was eager to see a new take on one of my favorite characters. Still, my expectations were set pretty low. I mean, what more could they do that the first three films hadn’t done already?

According to this trailer, these three very important pieces of the Spider-Mythos.

1. Mechanical Web-Shooters
Wait. Hear me out.

The mechanical web-shooters are kind of a big deal. Prone to malfunctioning at the best worst possible times, needing to be reloaded in the heat of battle, and being expensive and time consuming to produce ammunition for, they added another challenge to the already complicated life of Spider-Man.

The Raimi trilogy kept them out because they felt that a high school kid being smart enough invent wrist mounted silly string launchers was too unrealistic, but Peter developing the ability to shoot silk out of his wrists was perfectly plausible. What.

I got news for you, Raimi. If you were going for believability, Peter wouldn’t be web-slinging from his wrists.

The invention of the mechanical web-shooters also added an extra dimension to the character, proving he had spider-brains, not just spider-brawn. Although with that scientific mind of his, you’d think he’d have a “low fluid” indicator installed on the things to prevent those embarrassing mid-battle misfires. Hey, he’s only human.

2. Peter’s Parents
Now, here’s something new. The Marvel Universe made them SHIELD agents. The Ultimate Universe made them scientists. Spectacular Spider-Man did the same, and might’ve done more had Disney not killed the series.

Anyway, in the past when they aren’t being completely ignored, they’ve been tied everything from SHIELD, to the Super Soldier Serum, to Wolverine, even to the Venom Symbiote. In this movie, it seems they’ll at least be tied to Peter’s powers and the creation of the Lizard.

It’s fun to see this often ignored part of Pete’s past receive a little attention. And their inclusion promises that this reboot won’t just be the same origin story we saw in 2002’s Spider-Man film.

I’m hoping that they also include the SHIELD connection, so I can look forward to another Samuel L. Jackson cameo.

3. Jokes.
Quips. Wisecracks. A sense of fricking humor.


Aside from a few forced jokes and one homophobic comment regarding Bonesaw, the Raimi trilogy seem determined to ignore this important part of the character. Instead, they went for angst, angst, and more angst. Which is fine, that’s a part of the character too, but leave that emo-crap for when you’re hanging out with your gargoyle buddy at the end of the night. When it’s action time, you should be making me laugh with one liners. Not with Tobey’s goofy facial expressions.

In the trailer Peter jokes with Gwen, Spidey mouths off to a car thief, and even Gwen Stacy’s dad gets a joke in. Even though movie looks to be darker than the original films, they’ve still found a way to fit the funny in and I’m sure fans will appreciate it.

Speaking of funny, Spectacular Spider-Man was hilarious. Seriously the funniest version of the web-head I’ve ever seen.

You know what wasn’t funny? When Disney killed it.

—Drunk Knurd

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