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There Is No Triceratops

Billy Cranston, the Blue Mighty Morphin’ Ranger is having a rough month.

First, it was discovered that the Triceratops is not a legitimate dinosaur, it’s actually the immature stage of another dinosaur, the Torosaurus.

This is worst than when they demoted Pluto. Just the fact that my spell check recognizes Triceratops but not Torosaurus illustrates everything that is wrong with this discovery. Click here for the full story.

My first thought after hearing this was that Power Rangers was now inaccurate. Never mind textbooks and museums, Billy was out of a Dinozord!

My second thought was about Cera from A Land Before Time.

The second thing to happen to Billy was the revelation that David Yost, the actor who portrayed Billy, was mocked and harassed on the set of Power Rangers due to his homosexuality. Eventually he walked off the set after hearing one anti-gay slur too many, which explains the stock footage of him in the episode when Billy left Earth to permanently live on Aquitar. Click here for Part 1 of the interview.

By the way, if you haven’t been watching Linkara’s History of Power Rangers, begin doing so now by clicking here. It’s morphenomenal!

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