Trick or Treat, Knurds. In the spirit of the holiday, this edition of Binge Linking is a collection of some of the best cosplay I've seen in recent months. Cheers!
  • Batman costumes have come a long way since the child suffocating plastic mask with the rubber band in the back.
  • The live-action reboot of Fern Gully looks good. Tim Curry and Robin Williams are rumored to reprise their iconic roles. No word yet if Samuel L. Jackson will make an after-the-credits cameo.
  • Finally, Legend of Zelda: Twlight Princess in HD. Thanks for nothing, Nintendo.
  • Behold, the glory of the true Doctor Doom. I don't know who that jerk in the Fantastic Four movies was. Probably a Doombot.
  • It's hard to Miss a Marvelous costume like this. Get it?
  • This 8-Bit Samus cosplay is made of win. And, uh, cardboard.
  • What's Wolverine's favorite desert? A Banana Snikt!
And here's a pair of galleries of NYCC cosplayers, taken by professional photographers.
Thanks to Fashionably Geek, SoGeekChic, and ComicAlliance for a lot of these links. Happy Halloween, JD