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Binge Linking: Free DCU Online, Walking Dead Season 2, and Qwikster

DCUO is free now, after costing early adopters $30 a month and all their account information.

I’d rather see a show where the ghost of Firefly comes back to seek bloody vengeance Fox.

Glad that comics are finally going digital, but I thought this app had something to do with funny cocktail recipes.

I was hoping this would get canceled, but then continue on after it’s death. You know, like a vampire.

Top Cow Pilot Season. Joke about milking.

When I read this headline, I was expecting a link to buy landspeeders and lightsabers.

Really? Not Quikflix, Mailflix, NotNetFlix?

Thank You Mario!


A Rough Time, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Those Death Stars don’t pay for themselves, you know.

If anyone hasn’t seen the news story about Darth Vader robbing a bank, click here. If you have seen it, click there anyway. It’s still ridiculous.
And for another hilarious, but less illegal, example of Star Wars cosplay click here for Improv Everywhere’s subway rendition of Star Wars.

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