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Binge Linking: Free DCU Online, Walking Dead Season 2, and Qwikster

DCUO is free now, after costing early adopters $30 a month and all their account information.

I’d rather see a show where the ghost of Firefly comes back to seek bloody vengeance Fox.

Glad that comics are finally going digital, but I thought this app had something to do with funny cocktail recipes.

I was hoping this would get canceled, but then continue on after it’s death. You know, like a vampire.

Top Cow Pilot Season. Joke about milking.

When I read this headline, I was expecting a link to buy landspeeders and lightsabers.

Really? Not Quikflix, Mailflix, NotNetFlix?

Thank You Mario!


Super Mario Bros. The Movie

Super Mario Bros. The Movie, or SMB:TM as I affectionately refer to it, is one of the first movies I ever saw in theaters as a child, so I will always see the movie through these rose tinted nostalgia goggles. As I’ve gotten older and more discerning when it comes to films, my opinion of it hasn’t changed and I continue to watch it at least once a year. It will always be one of my favorite movies. It’s almost unreal how much I enjoy watching SMB:TM.

With that being said, I pride myself on my ability to put personal inclination aside and be completely neutral and non-bias when watching and reviewing anything.

So without further ado, let me tell you about the greatest motherplumbing movie in the universe.
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