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Binge Linking: Grand Theft Auto V Trailer and Machinima

November 2nd 2011 was a very important day. It was the first palindromic date in recent history (11-02-2011), the next one won’t be until February 2nd, 2020 (02-02-2020). It was this humble writer’s birthday, shared with fellow iconic celebrities such as Steve Ditko, Jim Cummings, and Pat Buchanan. And it was the debut of the Grand Theft Auto V trailer.

And it looks like Rockstar has done it again.

Admittedly, the trailer doesn’t give us much aside from the location, but that alone is enough to get me salivating. Los Santos, the City of Saints. A brand new expansive city to run around and cause mayhem in. And I’m confident that the other mainstays of the Grand Theft Auto series will be present, stories and characters and hedonistic criminal fun. I’m tingly with anticipation. Or that might be the hangover from my birthday celebration I’m feeling. Hard to say.
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