Binge Linking: Toss Back A Few

This was Too Good to wait for Tunesday: Every Single Spider-Man Ever. I’m still going to miss SpiderOck Kotaku tries out Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu. No matter what is said, I still have to try the waffle taco. It beckons. Hide from your friends on social networks…Or just don’t put your every […]

Binge Linking: Grand Theft Auto V Trailer and Machinima

November 2nd 2011 was a very important day. It was the first palindromic date in recent history (11-02-2011), the next one won’t be until February 2nd, 2020 (02-02-2020). It was this humble writer’s birthday, shared with fellow iconic celebrities such as Steve Ditko, Jim Cummings, and Pat Buchanan. And it was the debut of the […]

Binge Linking: Cosplay

Trick or Treat, Knurds. In the spirit of the holiday, this edition of Binge Linking is a collection of some of the best cosplay I’ve seen in recent months. Cheers! Batman costumes have come a long way since the child suffocating plastic mask with the rubber band in the back. The live-action reboot of Fern […]

Binge Linking: Free DCU Online, Walking Dead Season 2, and Qwikster

DCUO is free now, after costing early adopters $30 a month and all their account information. I’d rather see a show where the ghost of Firefly comes back to seek bloody vengeance Fox. Glad that comics are finally going digital, but I thought this app had something to do with funny cocktail recipes. […]